Opens Sun, Sept 7, 6-8p:

Spirit Girls
 Kristen Schiele

Lu Magnus Gallery, 55 Hester St., NYC

Figurative elements float within Schiele’s pattern heavy, lo-fi illustrative, yet playful spatial environments, resulting in a dream-like quality. In imagining the interior and material world of Schiele’s future girl (one in which Schiele imagines her small daughter may create and inhabit as a teenager - her thoughts and creative plans, as well as the architecture and institutions that shape her), Schiele seeks to capture the inspired vision, freedom and lightness in making art for the joy of it. Humor and naiveté are reflected in the writings, experimental drawings, posters and the graffiti a future, semi-fictional realm. Layered, non-linear narratives, ballpoint pen doodles and frequent bursts of bold neon-colored patterns, infuse the work with a graphic novel sensibility.  - thru Oct 12